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A guest at the conference center where I work gave it to me.
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Well, truth be told, the 2nd grade teacher I work with, actually gave me this coin about a year ago. She said it was because I was a big help to her in the classroom and she appreciated it. I just came across it today (6-10-19) while in front of laptop. She did ask in fall 2018 if I ever entered it on line. Well, considering my past year, better late than never! Thank you Marcia! I shall pass along tomorrow!
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I found it on the ground.
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I helped a woman pack her groceries and I told her to have a nice day.
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I was at work and this homeless man needed to use my phone so I let him use it, and after he was done with his call, I gave him my dinner. This woman saw me do this and after she was done with her meal she gave me the coin.
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I am a Barista and a customer just gave this to me
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I was at an End of Life Doula training, and a colleague gave this to me “just because.”
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I got this coin at the Parliament of the World’s religion on Nov 2018, in Toronto, Canada 🙂 I was in the Golden Rule Project visiting space.
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Received from my Mom’s great friend
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Given by a great friend!
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Received from a guest at our retreat center
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At restaurant celebrating birthday.
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I was training a new cashier today. She and I both got coins for being so nice.
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We received this coin at the Rod Stewart/Cyndi Lauper concert. Someone had gifted us front row seats. It was amazing! Then this woman brought an 84 year old birthday girl whose birthday was that day up to stand up front with us so she could see Rod and Cyndi up close. She gave us the coin. They were both breast cancer survivors!!
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My wife and I were at a baseball game and struck up a conversation with the nice lady behind us.
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I was working a Pirate came. A you lady approached me and stated how much she appreciated Police Officers and handed me the coin.
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A guest at the conference center I work at appreciated my help with her arrival
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Karen Ostrowski gave it to me at a retreat and, generous soul that she is, she gave everyone else one too.
Jul 15, 2018
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I vas valking in Times Square admiring the shining light and a very attractive man in tank top approach me and say “hello sir, please enjoy this coin.” Then he hand me coin and walk away. I had no clue why that happen. New York crazy place. I put coin in bag and forgot about coin until I reach my homeland of Shoptykol and found coin in bottom of suitcase. It made me smile. A little piece of America that made way to my village. I now will spread kindness to another and keep gift going. Thank you kind New York man.
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Received at a spirituality retreat
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A gift of love received from a seminary sister, Karen Ostrowski, in honor of our class completing our first year at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Gifted at Stony Point Retreat Center in New York, May 2018.
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The coin jumped out to me in the center of the labyrinth at the Stony Point Center – yes, in Stony Point,New York.
Jun 14, 2018
New York, NY, USA
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I was given this coin by an amazing woman with such a sweet spirit, generous heart and sassy sense of humor. Her mission is to spread kindness and healing to the world and this coin is a representation of exactly that. I received it during the talent show of an interspiritual retreat for first year interfaith ministers in training. Although I’ll be a bit sad to pass it on as it represents something very powerful to me, I’m also happy to send it’s loving power to others!!!.
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A special fellow student share with me at a special event we attended in our Interfaith Interspiritual Seminary
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I received this coin from my generous friend, Karen O. What a wondrous gift!
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A student of mine in a Spiritual Counseling training program gave it to me to honor me moving on to a new chapter of my life. This is someone that, from the moment we met, we realized how similar our life path has been. It fostered a sweet connection.
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I received this coin during our OSIS talent show.
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Karen, my fellow Seminarian gave it to me as a gift on completing our first year. She shared so much more than just the coin!
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My (wonderful) mom passed this coin on to me.
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This coin was given to me as a goodwill gesture of love and appreciated from my dear friend Karen.
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I finally met a person I knew from Facebook in the “real world.” She gave me a hug and this Kindness Coin.
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Someone gave me this coin for being a positive presence in their spiritual journey.
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Somebody handed me this coin and told me to have a nice day.
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I received the coin from someone that I met for the first time and we became instant friends because we had sooooo much in common.
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A passenger gave me the coin for helping and be helpful because she was a nervous flyer.
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I am a front desk agent at a hotel and the guest checked in and appreciated everything i did for her and handed me this coin.
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Irec’d this coin after cooking a big dinner for 10 of my neighbors who have become family to me. The person who gave it to me always goes out of her way to be kind to everyone.
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A friend gave the coin to me on international kindness day 2017.
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I recieved this on Monday, which was World Kindness Day, and Pittsburgh Kindness Day. Karen gave it to me after we spent an hour buying lunch, coffee, candy and sharing smiles and spreading the reminder that being kind is easy! We also helped let a guy pay his parking tickets by watching his car (which was ironically parked at s no parking zone spot!)
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A new friend on mine handed me the coin.
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I received this coin from a very beautiful woman who changed my night. I was having a very emotional day because my son had been gone for three months doing basic training for the US Army and that night was his final test for graduation. I cried on and off all day. I’m a server and her party was the last guests of the night and I was exhausted but let me tell you that I’ve never in my 20 years of serving had such great guests. They made me smile and laugh and they had a bad night as well waiting over an hour to get sat. I will never forget them. I wish everyone was like them. Thank you Michelle!!! You changed my whole outlook on things. And thank you for your service❤️Oh, and thank you for the big hug❤️
Sep 15, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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a good friend gave it to me when i was in a bad mood
Coin Number: 13291   View Coin History

standing up for a friend
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Working as an EMT, I received this coin at the hospital for giving our patient time to finish his dinner before taking him in the ambulance.
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My best friend’s mom gave it to me for helping her with a computer issue.
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I manage a restaurant and a woman waited longer than she should have for her meal, so I gave her and her companion a free drink for their patience.
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I received this coin from a student and he said it was a thank you for helping him out so much this year with planning an event.
Coin Number: 13376   View Coin History

I work at a movie theater and I was assisting a veteran and her friend. I thanked her for her service and inquired about what branch she was in. The movie they wanted to watch was sold out, but I work a few minutes with them and looked up synopsises so they could still see a good movie.
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Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number 13204 from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I received this Kindness Coin in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Thank you. Bye.
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While leading a free exercise class on Thanksgiving morning one of my wonderful attendees handed me a coin as a thank you for my free class.
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i was helping a student that didn’t understand what to do with a big project.
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I was given this coin from my dad for the work that I did for the children in my community over Summer 2016. A program that touched the lives of more than 100 kids & fed more than 40 families.
Oct 27, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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We were doing group projects and someone was being disclosed, so I let him join my group.
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I was doing my school assembly program called “Cool to be KIND” at Keystone Oaks middle school in Pittsburgh and one of the wonderful teachers, Karen, gave me this coin before I went on stage 🙂
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Voicemail Transcription: My Kindness Coin number is 13335. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Picked up someone else’s stuff.
Coin Number: 13335   View Coin History

somebody dropped their things in class and I helped pick it up.
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my husband and I were eating lunch at a restaurant in Pittsburgh .. there were (2) really nice ladies sitting next to us..I had a coupon for $$ off so much and gave it to them hoping they could use it. The one lady gave me the coin to thank me and told me to pass it on when someone does something nice toward me … what a nice token..love this idea 🙂
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The lady was talking to my brother and I thought she was pretty and told her so. She said I was a nice and kind teenager. We talked about our love of the elderly and my love of violin and piano She said it was unusual for a teenager to be kind these days
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I received this coin from a client name Karen. It was by her own kindness to me inwhich I look forward to share it with someone whom should be recognized for being that willing instrument of our Lord Jesus Christ love for me or others. Thank you Karen.
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I was able to care for my neighbor’s cat when they were away. With a very nice thank you note this Coin was included.
Coin Number: 12778   View Coin History

I received this coin from a sweet friend that thanked me for being so sweet!
Coin Number: 12778   View Coin History

A woman helping with a Christian retreat gave us each one.
Coin Number: 13282   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number 13282. I live in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Zip Code 15601. I received this Kindness Coin for teaming a walk to Emmaus. Thank you.
Coin Number: 13287   View Coin History

Received this coin from a sister in Christ. We were participating in an Emmaus teaming and she passed them out.
Coin Number: 12750   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number 12750. Dormont, Pennsylvania Zip Code 15216. I received this Kindness Coin because I was told that I’m very kind. I will pass the coin on.
Coin Number: 13195   View Coin History

I received the coin from a friend on a spiritual weekend, Walk to Emmaus.
Coin Number: 13285   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin Number 13285. Canonsburg, PA I got this Kindness Coin on a meeting on the Walk to Emmaus. I plan on using this Kindness Coin also as I received it. I plan on tracking it too. Thank you. God bless.
Mar 24, 2016
Lawrence, PA, USA
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On Palm Sunday, I gave this coin, along with a nice tip, to our waitress at Bob Evans, who gave us excellent service, despite also being noticably”with child”.
Coin Number: 13300   View Coin History

my sister in Christ Caren Ostrowski gave this to our entire Emmaus Team for the TRWE# 98
Coin Number: 13194   View Coin History

Gift for participating in servant/spiritual formation ministry called Walk to Emmaus.
Coin Number: 12678   View Coin History

A team member shared coins with my Walk to Emmaus group as an act of Agape.
Coin Number: 11792   View Coin History

My co worker gave this to me with cookie thanking me for everything I do.
Mar 20, 2016
Lawrence, PA, USA
Coin Number: 13193   View Coin History

I offered help to someone with their Walk to Emmaus sponsorship responsibilities, so she gave me this coin.
Coin Number: 12780   View Coin History

Serving on a team for women on Walk to Emmaus. A team member gave thus to us.
Coin Number: 13165   View Coin History

I received the coin in the mail after I served on a spiritual retreat team. I don’t know who sent it.
Coin Number: 13175   View Coin History

Travelled with a beautiful woman on her spiritual journey at a Walk to Emmaus weekend.
Coin Number: 12253   View Coin History

I was kind to someone in my group in class.
Coin Number: 12254   View Coin History

I received the coin for being nice to a friend
Coin Number: 13055   View Coin History

My son,Brian and his wife,Mary invited Karen to Thanksgiving with our family and we all had a wonderful time.
Coin Number: 13199   View Coin History

Did rockys chores
Coin Number: 13169   View Coin History

I received my kindness coin from a girl that I did an Emmaus Walk with.
Coin Number: 13199   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin Number 13199. Pittsburgh, PA 15216. We love you Kindness Coins! Whew!!!
Coin Number: 13167   View Coin History

received from my sister in Christ Karen Ostrowski and i had met her on my Walk To Emmaus weekend TRWE #96
Coin Number: 13168   View Coin History

I received my coin from someone I went on the walk to Emmaus with, a spiritual journey that was a transformation experience in my life.
Coin Number: 13172   View Coin History

I received my coin from a “pilgrim” who participated in the “Walk to Emmaus” retreat.
Coin Number: 13154   View Coin History

met Karen on November 2015 walk to Emmaus
Dec 6, 2015
Butler, PA, USA
Coin Number: 13151   View Coin History

Received my coin from a pilgrim from the TRWE # 96. What a blessing she is….A gift of Agape.
Coin Number: 13153   View Coin History

I received this in the mail from a friend who walked with me on our Three Rivers Walk to Emmaus.
Coin Number: 13199   View Coin History

I was helping a kid in our school and my teacher gave it to me
Nov 24, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Coin Number: 12391   View Coin History

I cleaned the condiment table
Coin Number: 11814   View Coin History

I helped a teacher.
Coin Number: 12663   View Coin History

Somebody just walked up and handed me this coin and told me to have a nice day.
Coin Number: 11814   View Coin History

I received this because I helped my health teacher multiple times and I thank my teacher for her giving me this.
Coin Number: 12676   View Coin History

We let someone else have our seats at the Steelers vs San Francisco on 9/20/15. The lady gave us this coin and thanked us.
Coin Number: 11812   View Coin History

I’m a server and my table gave me this coin for excellent sevice
Coin Number: 11809   View Coin History

I am a lunch lady at Keystone Oaks school. One of the teachers gave me the coin today. She said that she appreciated the way I am with the students and the way I treat her.
Coin Number: 12255   View Coin History

Helping Ms. O with 6th grade Google classroom.
Coin Number: 11791   View Coin History

A friend gave me this coin because I did him a favor. It was his way of saying “thanks”.
Coin Number: 11786   View Coin History

I work in a middle school cafeteria and one of the teachers gave it to me.
Coin Number: 11807   View Coin History

I was given this coin by my granddaughter’s health teacher Ms. Ostrowski. She knew my granddaughter needed some help to overcome her shyness and to express herself verbally. I can say now it helped, she is beginning to grow in her own way and to express herself and accept other responsibilities as a young lady.
Coin Number: 12219   View Coin History

I received my Kindness Coin after I helped a friend by picking up his lunch and book for him after he had dropped it. My health teacher, Ms. Ostrowski, was a witness to my actions and gave me the Kindness Coin that I have in my pocket at the moment.
Coin Number: 11929   View Coin History

A dear friend sent this to me in the mail and I am sending on to my sister.
Coin Number: 11820   View Coin History

I teach abstinence education and the teacher for whom I was teaching gave it to me.
Coin Number: 11817   View Coin History

This was given to me by a coworker at school. We co-teach together and she just wanted to say “thanks!”
Coin Number: 11929   View Coin History

I work as a cashier at a car wash and one of my customers commented that I am always smiling and friendly. I have worked with the public all my life, and I always wanted to treat customers as I would like to be treated. And also felt that if it were not for that customer, I would not have a job.
Coin Number: 11792   View Coin History

I had received this coin from my son who received it at his place of employment.
Coin Number: 11436   View Coin History

I received this coin from, a boy who I helped get his first deer
Coin Number: 11773   View Coin History

I received this coin because my grandma gave me it for good behavior and kindness.
Coin Number: 11436   View Coin History

I have helped my teacher a lot lately so she gave me the kindness coin
Coin Number: 11439   View Coin History

got the coin for helping a coworker when he need help.
Coin Number: 11439   View Coin History

Coin Number: 11439   View Coin History

A new co-worker of mine gave it to me. its been great working with such a good person, thanks Karen!
Nov 4, 2014
McMurray, PA, USA
Coin Number: 11775   View Coin History

I received the coin from a friend at a recent retreat I was attending. I am blessed by the kindness of the people in my life.
Coin Number: 11774   View Coin History

As part of a ministry retreat and sharing life stories with others.
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