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I found this coin on my desk. I do not know who left it or why.
Nov 17, 2015
Columbia, SC, USA
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I got this coin cause I was so good
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i was given this coin because i let my friends peyton and hannah hold my puppies
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i received this coin from my friend peyton who gave it to me because i am taking her to the beach for an entire week.
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My friend gave me the kindness coin in a yogurt shop because I let her eat some of my yogurt.
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I received this coin as a “thank you” for being a nice colleague.
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I was walking into school and one of the teachers there handed me it, and explained to me what it was.
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I received it from my sister Nya
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Somebody just walked up and handed me this coin and told me to have a nice day.
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One of the assistants at school gave this to me and asked me to pass it on to someone who deserves it.
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A guy I work with gave me this coin because of my kindness and willingness to talk to others.
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I received this coin with a votive candle set from a wonderful educator!!
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she cares for my child at daycare and shares all the details of my child’s day.
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i set out today to find kindesss. thank you for being that person to show your humanity.
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Nia you did such a perfect job. i give you another coin in hope you will find someone else to reward.
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Passing a coin along when you see an act of kindness is an act of kindness.
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i gave this coin to Roy because while having his own set of problems he brought me some gas when i was out. thank you for your kindness
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I give my coin to Ms Davis with a hope she will be blessed in her every action. That hers will be a life reflecting the kindness she has given to others.
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Passing this coin along to promote kindness.
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Time is moving forward we can not stop it yet we can set our values to march forward with in the heart of our children let the nation remain in the light of her God
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I was given the coin by a coworker for being a good friend.
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a child with a mom and a connection of love may it forever be strong for in this is hope for us all. let us look for what is right in our world seeking the light yet before us in our children.
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I will sow the seeds of kindness and pray that these seeds grow into a mighty movement spreading kindness everywhere.
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I gave this coin to my teacher Ms Reardon, because she baked a cake for me to give to my mother for her birthday.
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A teacher gave me this coin because I was kind and caring to others.
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the world needs love and trust yet no one wants to take this chance but teachers do for this i command my heart toward them.
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I see day in and day out people called teachers do the right thing and Yes I admire them. I love teachers because as a child they gave me love that I was not getting at home. You may never realize how much good you do. I do. James 4 you
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This person is strong and will stand up for what she knows is right. We need people like this in our world. l want her to know I support her I believe in her.
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A teaching assistant who works in one of my classrooms gave this to me – apparently for the patience I’ve demonstrated with some of our more troubled youth! A very nice gift that started my day out right 🙂
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