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We met a lovely group of people while on a city break in Dublin. We were in an Irish pub were they sat next to us 🙂 we talked about what we had done over our time in Dublin and also about were we lived back at home. They were from America and us being from Wales they handed over the coin to us to take back to Wales with us. We thought that this was such a lovely idea! It really made our day, thank you so much we will make sure we pass it on!
Coin Number: 10085   View Coin History

My beautiful Step-daughter Valerie gave me this coin in Michigan 9-13-14 at the Easttown fall fair and comment on how thoughtful and kind I was. It made my Day!!
Coin Number: 10085   View Coin History

I received this coin from my aunt who wanted to cheer me up on a very sad day. I’m looking to repay the favor. 🙂
Coin Number: 10085   View Coin History

I gave this coin to a family member for being my friend!
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