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I received this coin as a, thank you, for helping someone out throughout the year.
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Im at server at huddle house and received it as part of my tip.
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I waited on a customer and undercharged her and she came back in and paid the correct price, and told her that not many people would have come back, and told her that she was an honest person and that it was nice to meet her.
Coin Number: 14306   View Coin History

Gave coin to lady at Staples who was having a frustrating transaction with a return.
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I had an exceptionally nice and considerate waitress. I left this coin with her a little extra tip.
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Gave this coin along with journal to a dear friends mother who prays for me every day!
Coin Number: 14305   View Coin History

Gave coin & $25 to co-worker for her birthday and to tell her how much I appreciated her.
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Co-worker had a car wreck! I gave her this coin and $50 to show her God and I cared about her troubles and prayed for her to be blessed!
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