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I gave couple of my coworkers encouragement cards with written massages stating how wonderful they are
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I did the dishes at work today!
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Given to Ann Marie for cleaning the staff breakroom and loading the dishwasher even though she did not make the mess.
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I sent some school supplies to the son of one of my high school friends for college.
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I helped out with training new employees at work.
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I got the coin from a co worker for provide meals to the homeless clients in our area. Going the extra mile is so important you never know what a simple smile on the face effects others. Be kind, Love life and be AWESOME!
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Given to Coworker for his act of Kindness shown to all the female staff. Giving all staff a rose.
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Given to co-worker for volunteering her time and talent by providing REIKI to staff.
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Given to co-worker for volunteering her time and talent by providing REIKI to staff.
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Given to Denise for volunteering to pay for all her staff to attend the Mental Health Picnic.
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I received this coin for helping out a co-worker with some data entry… she helped my boredness.
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I received this coin for helping out a co-worker retype some forms 🙂
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I was given the coin because I helped out a consumer who needed assistance with completing his housing applications. The primary case manager was out sick and the consumer needed help as soon as possible so I helped him.
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Today I volunteered to sit downstairs at the front desk to cover for someone else at my job
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Given to Teresa for volunteering to cover for another staff and always being willing to step in and help.
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Given to Danitra for not only helping a Co-Worker’s Client but going the extra mile and helping him complete paperwork WITH a SMILE.
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Given to April for acknowledging others in the community and being an inspiration to others.
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Given to Richardson Family for organizing a Clothing Giveaway for the community.
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Given to Rell for being kind and thoughtful to his family and friends especially his big Sister.
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Given to Chante’ for thinking of others and showing appreciation for someone else.
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It was given to me by a co-worker informing me that I am always so kind. As well as for me returning another co-worker’s diamond tennis bracelet
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To Ms. Linda for always being kind to both consumers and co-workers. She goes the extra mile to help.
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Given to Rashanda for always going above and beyond to help out other co-workers.
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Given to Jaida, the sweetest most caring person ever. She is always kind to others.
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Given to HOPEU for assisting youth in reaching their educational goals.
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Given to Nurse CJ for ALWAYS being so kind and thoughtful. The world could use more people like her.
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Given to Dayonna for taking someone to work and buying them lunch.
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Given To Robert for being a gentleman and holding the door for others.
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