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For being kind to an autistic child. I invited him to play when i saw that was unhappy (having a meltdown) ambecause he wanted candy. By playing nice with us he was able to receive candy. I’m a studen if Mrs North.
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I received this coin as a “thank you” for helping out a friend.
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The Bodiford’s gave it to me at the YMCA. The kindness through there word of God is a wonderful act of kindness. #KeepLeavingKindnessEverywhere What a Godly pair!
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I gave this coin to our server at Cafe Marina, Eureka, Ca. She could have pocketed our over payment. Pleasant lady !
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I purchased this coin through EBay and I plan on giving it to our server at the Cafe Marina in Eureka, Ca
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My food delivery driver gave me this coin
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I got the coin from a co worker for provide meals to the homeless clients in our area. Going the extra mile is so important you never know what a simple smile on the face effects others. Be kind, Love life and be AWESOME!
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We happily welcomed visitors to church, and were blessed to hear of their daughter Jenna Bodiford who lost in her struggle with cancer, and how she loved the Lord Jesus Christ. So many came to Christ through her, her legacy lives on through family and friends.
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My spirit buddy at work gave me the coin for all the little extras I have done for her this year. She said I am one of the kindest people she has ever met.
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Given to Coworker for his act of Kindness shown to all the female staff. Giving all staff a rose.
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Someone at a drive through heard my conversation on my phone on speaker in my car. I was crying beacause of the recent loss of my mom and 4 other realtives. My business is failing and I am broke. So when I got to the teller she said my order was free and handed me this coin saying the person in front of me paid for my order. God Bless them!
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I shared my lunch with my friend
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Someone sent me two cheesecakes and a coin.
May 13, 2019

Umeå, Sweden
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My dear friend gave me this coin as “thanks for all dinners” and for being a good friend
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I was trying to include everyone at school.
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Received from a dear friend for appreciation.
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Being attentive and kind helping woman’s father in the ER dept
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I received this coin on May 4th at a Jenna Strong event. On May 10 2018 my 14 year old niece Jenna Bodiford passed away after fighting so hard to beat rhabdomyosarcoma cancer. This was by far a very hard situation for everyone around her. You never expect that someone as young as 14 should have to face death but she did and she hit it head on. Very brave young lady!! She will be forever loved and missed!!
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My Vice Principal gave me the coin for telling one of my friends not to run away and for telling a teacher when he didn’t listen to me.
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Given to co-worker for volunteering her time and talent by providing REIKI to staff.
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Given to co-worker for volunteering her time and talent by providing REIKI to staff.
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As a server, I was given this coin for being kind, and friendly to a restaurant patron. She told me that I made her day.
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Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number is 71436. Eden Prairie, MN. I helped out my best friend. So… yay… thank you so much.
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I was sharing my materials with a classmate
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