Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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A co-worker gave me a coin for a small act of kindness I showed to him ๐Ÿ™‚
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To Spread this coin with love in God’s name and to witness to others.
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I received this coin at Crossroads Church in Aiken SC and was encouraged to step out and do something kind for someone. I spent time with 9 precious ladies at an Assisted Living crafting and painting shell necklaces.
Jul 15, 2019

Aiken, SC, USA
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Iโ€™m the first to receive this coin from Brother Brett. It is my prayer that this inspires kindness to others as our Lord and savior taught us. I pray that this simple coin is passed forward in loving memory of those who have died before us.
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I received this coin as a challenge by our Pastor Brett to go out and BE the hands and feet of Jesus! Don’t just GO to church, but BE the church! I intend to do just that! I hope to share the hope of Jesus through this small token!
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While I was at a Celebration of Life for Brantley Griffin I happened to sit, or should I say the Lord placed me, next to Brett Bodiford. It turns out that Brett, along with Brantley’s family, and I have so much in common. When Brett got up to tell the story of the loss of his daughter to cancer I realized that the Lord had placed me right where I needed to be to receive the blessing he intended for me through the loss of Brantley and Brett’s daughter, Jenna. Brett told a story of The Rich Man’s Loan. The moral was that the Lord loans us the jewels, our children, for a time. And sometimes he calls them home while we are still on this earth. The story resonated with me because my family lost our 19 year old son in January of this year, 2019. I chose to reach out to Brett, as I did to Matt (Brantley’s father) the night before, to share how his story touched my heart and to thank him and let him know the Lord was working, as he always is, when he placed me beside him in the church while we Celebrated Brantley’s life. As with Matt the previous night Brett and I shared an emotional hug. The type of emotion that one can only feel when they’ve lost a child. His kindness, Matt’s kindness, the loss of Brantley, Jenna, and Boston is just a part of the Lord’s plan to create love, kindness, and compassion for people that were complete strangers before yesterday. Thank you Brett Bodiford and Matt Griffin for your kindness and a mutually exclusive understanding hug. I meant a lot to me and I’m just amazed that even in the face of such loss the Lord finds a way to bring love and kindness to the forefront. -Priest Perry
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I was by the river cleaning up trash on earth day, and picked it up off the ground thinking it was trash!
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Kindness Coin number 55137 Piedmont, South Carolina 29673. I was passed a Kindness Coin because for the month of July myself and my grand kids we are donating clothes to the homeless in the City of Greenville, South Carolina. Thatโ€™s why I was Coined. Thank you.
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I saw a lady crying over an exhibit at a museum. I had never met her but I went up to her and gave her a warm hug to let her know she wasnt in this alone. We were from two different races and back ground but love and compassion is beyond black and white.
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I received as a gift from a fellow student upon completing our first year of interfaith seminary
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Lilly dale NY Peace and Love
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I helped out with training new employees at work.
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Herb shop at Lillydale
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I was given this coin by my wonderful lady for treating her so damn well. She is worth every bit of it.
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A colleague let me know that he appreciated my attentive listening and care. He is a very kind and thoughtful team player himself, so this unexpected coin really made my day!
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My girls & I received this for doing random acts of kindness for others in the community!
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visit from family
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A guest at the conference center where I work gave it to me.
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Someone in my office handed it to me.
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Jun 10, 2019

Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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i held the door open for my gym teacher while i was late for patrols and she was very far away.
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Well, truth be told, the 2nd grade teacher I work with, actually gave me this coin about a year ago. She said it was because I was a big help to her in the classroom and she appreciated it. I just came across it today (6-10-19) while in front of laptop. She did ask in fall 2018 if I ever entered it on line. Well, considering my past year, better late than never! Thank you Marcia! I shall pass along tomorrow!
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I was given this coin by a friend I maDe in Grand Rapids MI at a party…thought I was kind i guess!
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I received this coin at the Jenna Strong event in Barnwell, SC. This event honors the memory of Jenna Bodiford who died of cancer at 15 years old. Her family desires her legacy of love and faith to live on through acts of kindness.
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I was given it by my friend Julie for being there for her in some hard times in her life ๐Ÿ™‚
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