Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

Because I was being respectful.
Coin Number: 70944   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: My Kindness Coin number is 70944. My location is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I got coined from a very good friend who wanted to pass along kindness to me today. I’m not sure whom I’m going to pass it on to but I intend to pass kindness along the way.
Coin Number: 70660   View Coin History

I received this coin because I graded writing assignments for co-worker over the holidays. She really did not get a break because her son was in the hospital for 13 days. I wanted her to have a little time off when she was not worried about work
Coin Number: 70307   View Coin History

A friend of mine gave it to me for hosting him at my place.
Coin Number: 10010   View Coin History

I was at an End of Life Doula training, and a colleague gave this to me “just because.”
Coin Number: 10950   View Coin History

I found this coin on my desk. I do not know who left it or why.
Coin Number: 54758   View Coin History

Our 4 year oldgranddaughter Peighton in Las Vegas gave it to us and wanted us to pass it on in Tennessee. She gave us huge hugs as well.
Coin Number: 54845   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number is 54845. Las Vegas, Nevada. This Kindness Coin was given to Romyah for helping the teacher. Romyah plans to pass it along and is very thankful for receiving it!
Coin Number: 70999   View Coin History

Kindly helping lady on bus.
Coin Number: 54758   View Coin History

My sister gave me a kindness coin for being nice to her. I share my toys and use nice words when I talk to her.
Coin Number: 54876   View Coin History

My friend walked up to me at school and handed this coin to me.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

Received this from a good friend that was attending a winter Solstice event at the spiritual center lily dale New York.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

I received this coin at a winter solstice celebration where we blessed the arrival of winter and shared the love. At the conclusion the kindness coins were shared with those who attended this celebration.
Coin Number: 54771   View Coin History

Received coin for neighborly kindness-retrieved their trash cans after pick up-supported their grandchildren
Coin Number: 70996   View Coin History

I was riding the bus home on Friday night 12/21after my work holiday party. I had three gifts in my bag that were intended for my children, but I gave them to three kids on the bus. They )and their Mom) were so excited! The bus driver gave me this coin because of my kindness.
Dec 23, 2018

Stillwater, OK, USA
Coin Number: 54691   View Coin History

I received this coin at the First Presbyterian Church of Guntersville, Alabama while attending the christening of my great-niece.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

My mom gave this to me for being a supportive cast member to my castmates.
Dec 23, 2018

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

I received it because I was super kind to my cast at Westside Childrens Theatre.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

Spreading kindness, love and blessings at a Winter Solstice Ceremony.
Coin Number: 70706   View Coin History

Positive attitude in the classroom
Coin Number: 54844   View Coin History

I received this coin because I helped my teacher clean up her desk after spilling hot cocoa on it.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

My co-worker picked me up from the service center when my car was in the shop and I didn’t have a ride to work.
Dec 18, 2018

Kyle, TX, USA
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

Because I helped my teacher clean the classroom every after school
Coin Number: 50717   View Coin History

A friend
Coin Number: 70612   View Coin History

My friend Rob’s mom gave the coin to me after I took Rob to the state fair
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