Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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Coin Number: 10410   View Coin History

My college roommate gave it to me
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I manage a restaurant and a woman waited longer than she should have for her meal, so I gave her and her companion a free drink for their patience.
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It was my 14th birthday and my friend had gotten it from someone and she passed it on to me.
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I received this coin from my friend Joe R. a couple of weeks after I was hit by a drunk driver.
Jun 20, 2017

Nashwauk, MN, USA
Coin Number: 10709   View Coin History

My boyfriend gave me this coin and told me “thank you for being the sweetest, most caring and kind, thoughtful, trustworthy girlfriend I could ever ask for.”
Coin Number: 12419   View Coin History

For my bday from an awesome friend
Coin Number: 53358   View Coin History

My dad bought me and my sisters all suckers
Coin Number: 53314   View Coin History

I received the coin from the VIVO Wellness Center.
Coin Number: 13239   View Coin History

I was working locating some utilities and was about to leave to another job when an old gentleman waved me over. He asked me to help him get a package from inside of the business that was closed because he used a walker and there was no one else inside. I said sure I will help, so he opened up the back door with his key and turned off the alarm and I brought the package to the car. Helped him re arm the alarm and put his walker back in his SUV and he handed me the coin. Said have a nice day and we both parted ways.
Coin Number: 10369   View Coin History

Being over the top above and beyond friendly a customer gave it to me
Coin Number: 53929   View Coin History

Received this coin from Guntersville First Presbyterian Church
Coin Number: 53908   View Coin History

Received this coin and a donation from Bruce of the First Presbyterian Church, Guntersville, AL for our Bluegrass Festival in Belk, AL.
May 15, 2017

Bovey, MN 55709, USA
Coin Number: 52938   View Coin History

I found it.
Coin Number: 53389   View Coin History

I received it at my hydro visit
Coin Number: 53084   View Coin History

I was given this coin as a thank you for making sure the duties at work were complete as my co worker was off for the day.
Coin Number: 53084   View Coin History

I attended my hydro therapist and picked the coin up out of a bowl, and thought how nice it would be to pass it on.
Coin Number: 12419   View Coin History

My neighbor gives me this coin for Christmas because she said I was very nice and kind. She received it and wanted to give it to me.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

I gave my daughter a pack of kindness coins to help and support the “art of giving”.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

My coteacher gave it to me and say have a great day!!!!
Coin Number: 11247   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: “Hi my Kindness Coin number is 11247. I live in North Bay Ontario Canada. I received this from a friend’s stepmother and I am leaving it at this restaurant location, Joey’s, to be passed on to the next person. My name is Nicole in North Bay Ontario. Bye.”
Coin Number: 11247   View Coin History

Received this coin from a table I was serving at Joey’s Seafood!!
Coin Number: 53257   View Coin History

Received from My Good Friend Denise at Vivo Wellness Center!
Coin Number: 13376   View Coin History

I received this coin from a student and he said it was a thank you for helping him out so much this year with planning an event.
Apr 11, 2017

Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Coin Number: 12727   View Coin History

I received this coin from a very special person. As i write this, they are currently my ex-boyfriend, but at the time he was my boyfriend and gave me a box of gifts with this coin included. What a special gift that will always warm my heart:) maybe one day this person will get this coin back but from me!
Coin Number: 13261   View Coin History

Thought I would spread kindness even further to strangers I don\’t know.
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