Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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A gift of love received from a seminary sister, Karen Ostrowski, in honor of our class completing our first year at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Gifted at Stony Point Retreat Center in New York, May 2018.
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The coin jumped out to me in the center of the labyrinth at the Stony Point Center – yes, in Stony Point,New York.
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Fixed a weedeater for a gentleman for free and he gave me a kindness coin
Jun 14, 2018

New York, NY, USA
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I was given this coin by an amazing woman with such a sweet spirit, generous heart and sassy sense of humor. Her mission is to spread kindness and healing to the world and this coin is a representation of exactly that. I received it during the talent show of an interspiritual retreat for first year interfaith ministers in training. Although I’ll be a bit sad to pass it on as it represents something very powerful to me, I’m also happy to send it’s loving power to others!!!.
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A special fellow student share with me at a special event we attended in our Interfaith Interspiritual Seminary
Coin Number: 70506   View Coin History

I received this coin from my generous friend, Karen O. What a wondrous gift!
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Simply helping a gentlemen at the NEX at Naval Base Bangor.
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A student of mine in a Spiritual Counseling training program gave it to me to honor me moving on to a new chapter of my life. This is someone that, from the moment we met, we realized how similar our life path has been. It fostered a sweet connection.
Coin Number: 70531   View Coin History

I received this coin during our OSIS talent show.
Coin Number: 70502   View Coin History

Karen, my fellow Seminarian gave it to me as a gift on completing our first year. She shared so much more than just the coin!
Coin Number: 70402   View Coin History

My (wonderful) mom passed this coin on to me.
Coin Number: 70510   View Coin History

This coin was given to me as a goodwill gesture of love and appreciated from my dear friend Karen.
Coin Number: 70538   View Coin History

I finally met a person I knew from Facebook in the “real world.” She gave me a hug and this Kindness Coin.
Coin Number: 70520   View Coin History

Someone gave me this coin for being a positive presence in their spiritual journey.
Coin Number: 70337   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number is 70337. Flemingsburg, Kentucky
Coin Number: 70442   View Coin History

I took back a cart for a lady and got this coun
Coin Number: 70610   View Coin History

I received this coin because I was open and honest with a person and in return it allowed her to be open and honest with me. I took the time to listen without being bias.
Coin Number: 70470   View Coin History

For being a good neighbor.
May 17, 2018

Ely, IA 52227, USA
Coin Number: 70448   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number is 70448. I’m located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I got “Coined” by being kind over the phone with back to back phone calls. The young lady over heard me speaking to another customer and decided to give me a Kindness Coin. So, yeah, thank you and have a good day. Bye.
Coin Number: 12720   View Coin History

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35
Coin Number: 281   View Coin History

My sweetie just handed this coin to me.
Coin Number: 70465   View Coin History

I helped a friend play the game of mahjong.
Coin Number: 70467   View Coin History

Gave it to Scott because he is a very kind person who loves to help people.
Coin Number: 53767   View Coin History

This coin was lost
Coin Number: 54588   View Coin History

I received this coin from the Guntersville first Presbyterian church.
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