Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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helping a new student
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Honestly I am not quite sure but I am looking forward to finding out and spreading much kindness of course 🙂
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My friend gave it to me & told me to pass it on
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I received this coin because I decorated the dorm for Christmas and put a lot of effort into it.
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We gave this coin to our cashier at Hobby Lobby. She was very careful to check our items for sale prices, and she was very friendly.
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I helped a little girl that fell in the cafeteria at school.
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I got my coin by saying something nice to my friend reese
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Aden did not have money for lunch so I bought him lunch:)
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Grace is a compassionate and helpful young lady. She helped many students in her class clean their work areas so they could be more successful in their learning.
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Grayson is such a helpful young man. He crawled all around the classroom cleaning up trash to make sure our classroom looked nice.
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when somebody was getting bullied and I stood up for him.
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I bought coffee and a bagel for the young girl behind me at the drive up window.
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Jack is a compassionate and helpful young man. He makes sure that when 2nd grade students come into our 3rd grade classroom for higher learning that they know what to do and feel welcomed.
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Emma helps a student in the classroom everyday to stay on track and learn. She is compassionate and kind.
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I helped my teacher cut out paper for class.
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Received the coin from a friend at work
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I am in kindergarten and I received my coin from my teacher for helping clean up trash in the cafeteria. I love being kind.
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I let my friend have my spot that I really wanted. He never said thank you, but it’s okay.
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I helped alot of my classmates find there mistakes on there Conserving Energy Essay`s
Jan 16, 2014

Tulsa, OK 74134, USA
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I shut the classroom door so noise couldn’t get in while we were writing.
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received this coin from my sister on a day that has meaning for our family.
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I bought a lunch for someone
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My daughter’s 3rd grade teacher sent me this coin for helping make/serve vanilla milk shakes to her class at the Reading Rocks Cafe in the Media Center at school.
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My son in law gave me this coin after Wednesday night dinner
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I went to a Rachel’s Challenge meeting. 🙂 So much fun with my friends!


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