Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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We received this coin with a wedding present!
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I received this coin because I made a card for my friend, Tami, and she really liked it.
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This coin was given to my co-worker because she is always cheerful and helpful even with many other employees asking for her assistance. She is a very positive person.
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Bought a coffee for the person behind me at Biggby Coffee. She looked like a young mom who might appreciate an act of kindness to start the day!
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Co-worker had a car wreck! I gave her this coin and $50 to show her God and I cared about her troubles and prayed for her to be blessed!
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I was purchasing a couch and when we picked it up, the woman I was going to buy it from gave it to me for free! Feeling so blessed today!
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Had a great breakfast at Pammi’s in Cedarville. Good service so we left this coin and big tip.
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I gave this coin to a very kind person who took care of our three cats and lizard for a week. We truly appreciated the time you and your sister spent with them!
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I gave this coin to a very kind person who took care of my three cats and lizard for a week. She did an awesome job!Thank you!
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for watching my neighbors pets
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Paid the toll for the car behind us when crossing the Mackinac bridge.
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Left this coin at the nurse’s station at a local hospital Emergency Room with a hat full of chocolate and a note that says, “Emergency Room Staff, Thank you for all that you do. Hat’s off to you!”
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I helped my girlfriend at work when she was sick…. She surprised me with this coin and made my day!!
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I gave this coin to my coworker Kim because she taught a class for me at the last moment when I wasn’t feeling well. Kim always offers to help everyone in our office, she deserves several coins!!
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received the coin along with some gardening gloves from my childhood friend.
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Gave this coin to the sweet hair stylist who cut off my pony tail today to donate to Locks of Love.
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I went into a store and found this laying and a dollar bill was by it!!!
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We left this coin along with a wedding gift at a local church for a recently married couple. We don’t know them, but got their names from a friend and looked up their registry. It was so much fun!
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We were having dinner with some friends when an Omaha Steaks salesman came to the door. Our friend invited him to have dinner, but he said he couldn’t because his family was in the car. Our friend’s wife packed a plate for each person, and we took it, along with this coin, out to their vehicle. They were very grateful.
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Left this coin with $4.75 at the movie theater ticket window to pay for the next customer.
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Found the coin taped to a shelf with a dollar at the dollar store. It just so happened a guy stoped me about 10 min later and need a dollar so I gave him the dollar . I leave the with another dollar for someone else to find.
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Left this coin with a $5 gift card for the next customer at Del Taco.
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Gave this coin to a friend and treated her to lunch at Del Taco.
Coin Number: 14157   View Coin History

My daughter’s friend paid for my lunch and gave me this coin.
Coin Number: 14181   View Coin History

Sent this coin and golf towels to my mom and the ladies she golfs with.


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