Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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I was gifted this coin in observance of the anniversary of a young woman’s death due to gun violence. In honor of her life, her Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters and her mom spread kindness each year on the anniversary of her death to celebrate Armani’s positive spirit
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Somebody walked up to my car in the Starbucks drive through and gave this to me!
Mar 5, 2020

Sarah J
Olathe, KS, USA
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In memory and honor of Armani Johnson
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I helped a customer in need. Almost saved them from hurting themself
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For helping others
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Newel made me dinner.
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A friend gave us a free family photo session!
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Loading groceries at a food pantry
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A young LDS Missionary helped me out to my car and loaded my groceries into it. He was very kind. Receiving this coin made my day; My daughter and I were very inspired, It brought Joy. :)I’m excited to pass it on.
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Our neighbor gave it to us because she said we are always helping other neighbors when the need arises. She gave us a nice plate of cookies along with the coin.
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Our sweet friend brought us fresh cookies! She is the best neighbor!
Feb 27, 2020

Napton, MO 65340, USA
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Got this from the kid helping put my groceries in my car.
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I had help from 3 kind men loading several hundred pounds of food storage in the back of my mini van.
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Third grade recess was coming to an end. All of the third graders were running toward the lunch room. As I was headed toward the lunch room and saw a line of kindergarten students. They were about to be run over by the big third graders. So I stopped and held up my hands so that other people would stop too. We let the kindergarten students pass and their teacher was really thankful that I helped get them safely across the playground.
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My sister sent this coin to me in the mail.
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The bus driver handed to me and told me to have a good day.
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My friend gave this coin to me.
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Received a nice platter of cookies as a surprise
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I did the dishes at work today!
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Given to Ann Marie for cleaning the staff breakroom and loading the dishwasher even though she did not make the mess.
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Kindness Coin number 73481. Independence, Missouri. Missionary at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bishop store house helped me to load my groceries in my car and I was very grateful. Thank you.
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My grandson(Christopher)gave me the coin for loving him and being nice to him every day!!


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