Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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I received this coin from a nice lady at the Pittsburgh Steelers Women’s Training camp
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I work @ Limahuli Gardens , Kauai & I received it for my kindness!
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Kindness Coin number 72191 Dumas Texas 79029. I received this coin from a very dear friend of mine and I’m blessed to have her in my life. I would like to pass it on to Pastor Swanson and Robin. Please have a blessed day.
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A very dear friend, Cherie McGuire, blessed me with this kindness coin.
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I found this in a geocache using the geocache app
May 19, 2020

Kihei, HI 96753, USA
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Someone very influential and important to me gave this to me when I was feeling all alone.
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I received this coin for showing kindness through my non-profit and giving random gifts out through my cupcake business. Love this idea! Can’t wait to pass it on!
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I received this coin from a friend, just because.
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I don’t know how I got it but it was in one of my drawers when I was cleaning. I’m going to pass it on. Passing the canes.
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Secretly drop. For a kind act
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Kindness Coin number 72174. I received this from my brother in Kansas. He gave it to me for being kind to him. I helped him with his car. I’m gonna go give it to someone else!
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My friend gave it to me and said I was one of the kindest people she knows. It made my day!
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Through the mail
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Was having a rather bad day with multiple issues and co-worker duane noted this and went out of his way to leave a note, casserole, and coin on porch. completely made the day more tolerable!!! Thanks.
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This is great- I received this coin from Jenna Bodiford’s parents – thank you- It was a pleasure to meet you an I am still wearing Jennas bracelet ❤️
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First recieved
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A coworker left it on my desk with a wishing well and a unicorn. This is my first week.
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Thea is the sweetest young lady I’ve ever met I work for trash co. One day look in window she was standing there waving at me .they moved she told her mom she would never see me again I told her I would come see her when I could today she gave me her coin.
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For helping my art techer clean his room
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From my good friend and partner in faith.
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I was sent this coin from a dear friend in memory of someone (#lovefromarj) and I can’t wait to give it to someone that exudes kindness. Thanks Shannon and Felicia xoxo
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I gave couple of my coworkers encouragement cards with written massages stating how wonderful they are
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A man at church gave me the coin because I was bored at a church activity.
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In loving Memory of my beautiful niece
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Friend celebrating loss of their daughtet


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