Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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Offered my swing at a beach to take a picture of a group of ladies who had been asking people in swings if they could borrow the swing for just a second! They’d been told no so I waved them down to mine and took their picture for them!
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Comment didn’t post.
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Helping family with funeral of a love one.
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Mr. Brett Bodiford gave me this coin. His daughter, Jenna Bodiford, is a former Barnwell High School student who passed away after a year-long battle with cancer. Since then, Mr. Brett and I have stayed in communication and most importantly, he prays for me and I do the same for him. He spoke at my church, George’s Creek Baptist Church, during our Homecoming Day in October of 2018. He has organized a special event at Barnwell High School on Saturday, May 4, 2019 in honor of Jenna to spread the gospel to our community. Additionally, he will address the 2019 Barnwell High School graduates at Baccalaureate on Sunday, May 19, 2019. Last, he and his friends are sponsoring the teachers at Barnwell High School by texting words of encouragement, feeding us, and praying for us. I am so grateful for Mr. Brett, and he and I will be forever linked!
Apr 27, 2019

Gowen, MI 49326, USA
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When a kindness coin is passed along there is an awesome feeling generated. That feeling is love! Jenna learned the power of love through her way too short journey. Brett and Becky are keeping her journey and testimony alive to help others. I received this Kindness Coin from them for helping to bring together this part of their mission to spread love and comfort through Jenna’s testimony using Kindness Coins. Thank you!
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A gift from a friend after a lesson about right thinking.
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I gave my friend a lollipop when she did not have one.
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I received from Nevaeh for all the nice things I do for Special Olympics and adults with Intellectual Disabilities
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I found it on my desk at work.
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This was given to my fiance by Nevaeh days before he passed for his love and friendship! He was her best buddy. Their bond was so very special. Love Winnie
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I received this coin for purchasing Easter candy, eggs , dye, and making Easter bags for children in DDJ who can not enjoy Easter with their families I also got scriptures together of the Resurrection to read for them for tomorrow!!!!!
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Some one hide this act of kindness and I found it.
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My mom gave this to me along with some good advice ♥️
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While working at Old Chicago, the GrubHub driver informed me that this is her daughter and she gave me this coin!
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I paid for a groups lunch at another table. They gave me this coin as a thank you
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I received this coin at the 200th Live PD celebration on April 13th from a young lady who gave me hug
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Kind to others and helps other people out
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Passed along to me by friend
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Gave to William Alexander Law Firm for support of the JennaStrong Event 2019.
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Gave to Hunter & Oates for supporting us way beyond what is expected for the JennaStrong Event 2019.
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Gave to State Farm Insurance agent Will Keel for his support of the JennaStrong Event 2019.
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Simply helped a family with small children at a restaurant carry food to their table.
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From Princess Nevaeh,Princess Shannie,Princess Claryssa Facebook friends. From Dallas Texas.
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As a school bus driver of very special children, for many many years, I received this coin from student Nae-Nae, my down syndrome bundle of joy and her mother, for displaying her theme of “LETTING MY ACT BE THE IMPACT,” of love and kindness towards her!
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Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin 55131. I’m in Columbia, South Carolina. I was given this coin at work. A very nice and kind lady came to my work site to give me this coin.


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