Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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By giving up my seat on the bus for a blind man to sit.
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I received this coin after listening to a mother’s testimony regarding losing her daughter, Jenna Bodiford, to cancer.
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Family gave us the coin when we gave them a place to stay for the night.
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I assisted an elderly gentleman pick something up on the public bus
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My heart is full. A student came into my office to share her coin with me. I will pass this on with love.
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I came to the school to help the teachers
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Found a bottle of pills on the bus and gave them to the driver.
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Behind Kind at a women’s bible study
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I gave this coin to Natalia for developing our kindness coin program.
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I helped a woman bring her heavy stroller filled with groceries and household supplies along with her baby onto the City Bus. After she was on the bus her bag of groceries spilled onto the bus floor. I picked up the groceries for her and helped her to get seated with her child so the bus could proceed on its route.
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I received this by my boss reflecting my workmanship in such a high stressed financial situation on a project.
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We met at a camp called “The Dash” to celebrate the life of our child. I recieved this coin to continue to spread the love and kind of Jesus and to share Jenna story
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I received this coin after helping with a camp for families who lost a loved one.
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I bought the coin so I could start this around school. Hopefully this continues. 🙂
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A beautiful, kind, young lady in my CBS high school class gave this coin to me after class one day. We are studying Mark and the compassion of Jesus.
Sep 25, 2019

Hanalei, HI, USA
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Work @ Limahuli Gardens, Kauai & received coin from a guest for my act of kindness !
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I received this from the kind and generous Karen Ostrowski while she was visiting me in Rockport MA
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I started this Bible Study,and my teacher felt like the right person to give it to. So I made some brownies, and gave her the coin.
Sep 15, 2019

Tulsa, OK 74136, USA
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I received it for helping
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It was to me by a super lady whom I connected with.
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Coming to the park cleanup for the first time with the Clarksville Chive
Sep 6, 2019

Novi, MI, USA
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I received this coin as a “Thank You” for helping my friend and co-worker.
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Co-worker gave this to me for helping her out with a project.
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My husband was at a meeting, he usually walks our dog at night. I knew he would be tired when he got home so I walked Bella. I guess he thought that was nice of me, and he kindness coined me.
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Received this coin as a thank you from a wonderful friend at work today for “lending a listening ear”! What a nice surprise.


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