Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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i was being good
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i got it for being kind
Feb 6, 2020

Olathe, KS, USA
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To pass the coin on.
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At the Lacygne library, a little girl gave me this coin.
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My daughter’s friend came over to play.
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gave a talk on The Holy Ghost at my Granddaughter’s Baptism in Kansas.
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was at my granddaughter’s baptism in Kansas and helped corrected the wording in the conformation
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I received this coin because I was kind to classmates. I always listen to my teacher Ms.Price.
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I let a friend barrow one of my jackets when it was very cold outside and she forgot hers at home.
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I received this coin because I was listening to my teacher directions
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I decided to take flowers and pass them out to strangers and people we see in our day to day life. I brought my 2 year old along too so he could see and feel the joy of making someone’s day a little better.
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I picked up this coin at church so I can spread a little kindness!
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I am a cashier at a school. A student gave it to me thanking me for having a smile being cheerful every day.
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My sister played Rocket League with me
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Kindness Coin number 72944. I live in Ottawa, Kansas.
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church that is were I got it
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I got this coin in stake conference with the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ to go and do good today. I picked up a Harvester order for a friend.
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Recieved (new) at church.
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Recieved (new) at church
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I got this coin for following rules and being kind to my classmates
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Kindness Coin number 73859. Olathe, Kansas. I received this Kindness Coin from a friend because she can’t drive right now so I gave her a ride to where we needed to go. She gave me this kindness Coin! I will pass this coin along! Thank you.
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i got a coin from a kid i didn’t know saying that they appreciated how i helped pick up in the lunch room and i guess i needed it A LOT because i was having a ruff day so yea.
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Helped a family member of a patient at work.
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A coworker handed it to me.
Jan 28, 2020

Lenexa, KS 66062, USA
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A nice note was given me along with this coin.


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