Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
Dec 19, 2019

Las Vegas, NV, USA
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I got this coin by helping my teacher in the morning before school, like helping clean and organize.
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I received this coin before i left the chapel. I was happy to get this and i am going to pass it onto the person that i have planned on
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I help my teacher in her classroom in the mornings, once or twice a week.
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My daughter (Harper) received this coin from a classmate for being kind to all the other kids in her class and school.
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I helped my mom buy 98 sets of pjs for our school fundraiser. The pjs were going to ppl in need.
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I got this coin in stake conference with the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ to go and do good today. Last Saturday Rita had our family over to decorate chocolate Christmas houses. It was a surprise party she set up for my girls and so many of their church friends were there. Her sewing group made each of us presents for Christmas. We felt so loved and so blessed.
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My church leader gave me this coin to motivate us to do kind things for others.
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I sent this to my teacher with a Christmas treat.
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I received this coin as a challenge to do kind things for others. The challenge came from President Boyack from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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I got this coin in stake conference with the invitation to follow the example of Jesus Christ to go and do good today. The kindness footprint I want to record is Larry and Vance Sample taking us to Branson for a Christmas gift after losing my husband. I thought this was going to be the hardest Christmas ever because I did not want to face putting up the tree and opening gifts without him. Larry and Vance had us over to their home for dinner and the next day they called us to ask us if we would like to go to Silver Dollar City. What an incredible blessing they have been in lifting the burden of 4 heavy hearts. God bless them for their kindness!
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By erasing names for room for AR
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Neighbor friends gave us this coin with cookies!
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Pat King give this to me. I reckon I showed kindness when I helped her with her mother.
Coin Number: 72045   View Coin History

A very nice lady gave it to me! She helps me with my computer!
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Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number is 71793. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 52227 I got my Kindness Coin for helping a totally disabled person on the bus.
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Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number is 13830. Atoka, Oklahoma. 74525 I received this Kindness Coin for being good.
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I received this coin with bag of awesome candy on my desk at church.
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I was having a rough day (few days…even weeks). A friend of mine noticed and made me some homemade bread and offered a listening ear.
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While snacking on a fruit roll-up the crown on my tooth popped off and I swallowed it. This happened the night before Thanksgiving–not ideal! I called Matt Tingey in a panic and he was able to work me into his busy schedule, give me a good numbing shot and fix my tooth. He arrived home late because he was doing a good deed for me. Matt, I truly appreciate your kindness. I was able to eat everything I wanted at Thanksgiving because of you.
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My 5 year old son Aaron bought me a candy bar with his own money without being asked.
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I got it by helping people. My friend sees that I am there when people need help with spelling.
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My sister made my bed for me. so she gave me this as well
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Two of my former students shared this coin with me for sharing kindness through our writing program called Mail-A-SMILE. You can follow our kindness journey on Facebook by joining the group, Mail-A-SMILE.
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a classmate came up to me and said here i want to give you his becuse you are always on task and doing your work.


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