Special Kindness Coins For Your #26Acts

In honor of the 26 Sandy Hook and Boston marathon 26 mile victims Kindness Coins printed special #26Acts Kindness Coins. Are you committed to doing 26 acts of kindness? If so, keep the kindness of your #26Acts moving with special #26Acts Kindness Coins. These coins are uniquely numbered so the acts of kindness can be tracked as each coin gets passed along. See how far each act of kindness can go! At Kindness Coins we track the butterfly effect of kind acts, including coin histories, maps, and more. See the ongoing impact of your #26Acts.

What to do:

     1. Commit to 26 acts of kindness and passing along a coin with each act.

     2. Order the #26Acts Kindness Coins 26-Pack from the Order Coins page.

Or Contact Us at:
Phone (888) 777-9935
or www.facebook.com/KindnessCoin
with any questions.

Diameter: 39mm        Thickness: 3.3mm        Weight: 10 grams        Material: Ceramic

Features and Benefits of becoming a Kindness Coiner:

  • Online tracking of all your kindness coins.
  • Receive e-mail Notifications when and where your coins generate an act of coin-ness.
  • Access to your personal coin list, history and maps.
  • Experience the joy of giving.
  • Have fun while helping make the world a kinder place.


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