Look for Kindness Experiment

While showing the butterfly effect of a single act of kindness an amazing thing happened. . .

. . .we found there is a benefit to just looking for kindness. That’s right! Just look for kindness. Carry this coin as a reminder to look for kind acts or simply look for someone to give it to. Experience the feeling! While we would be the first to agree doing an act of kindness is a very powerful experience for the giver, receiver, observers, and overall well-being we discovered just looking for opportunities to give a coin away has a profound affect as well. A positive change comes over you when you look for kindness and it spills over into everything you do. Your body language and interactions with others improve as you spend time looking for all the good things around you.

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Diameter: 39mm        Thickness: 3.3mm        Weight: 10 grams        Material: Ceramic


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