Kindness Coins for School Kindness Programs

A Great Addition to your Schools Kindness Program!

Tracking Acts of “Coin-ness”… Leaving Kindness Footprints

The butterfly effect of a single act of kindness is amazing. Imagine the effect your school could have on spreading kindness. Kindness Coins are a way to spread kindness and teach students the benefits of looking for and recognizing kind acts. In addition to the promotional value of Kindness Coins for your school your schools commitment to kindness is displayed on the Kindness Coins websites “Personal Profile” pages. As pass along comments are entered online or by telephone for acknowledging and doing acts of kindness your schools Kindness Footprint grows. Charts and maps show where your schools Kindness Coins are located worldwide and how many acts of kindness your school has done or inspired others to do.

Kindness Coins help spread kindness at your school and in your community.

Features and Benefits of Kindness Coins:

      1. Online tracking of your Schools Kindness Footprint.
      2. Two ways to register a kindness comment. Online or telephone voice transcription.
      3. Access to your personal coin list, history and maps.
      4. Your schools kindness comments posted on your Personal Profile page with your schools
        name, logo, and profile statement.
      5. Experience the joy of giving.
  Have fun and teach kindness while making your school, community and the world a kinder place.
    Visit the Coin Designs page to see sample designs. Contact Us if you have any questions.

Brochure and flyer pdf files are provided.   View Brochure Sample     View Flyer Sample

Diameter: 39mm        Thickness: 3.3mm        Weight: 10 grams        Material: Ceramic

Standard Kindness Coin Personalized Kindness Coin
Standard Kindness Coins
Available for immediate shipping
Personalized Kindness Coins
A onetime artwork fee is included in the dropdown pricelist. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Play Videos Below To Learn More About Kindness Coins

Kindness Coin Welcome Video       Kindness Coin Music Video
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Other Ideas for Kindness Coins:
? School Kindness Programs
                      ? In Memory of… Memorial gifts of kindness
? Wedding Favors                


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