Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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Coin Number: 554   View Coin History

My aunt sent it to me from across the country in a care package.
Coin Number: 70659   View Coin History

I received this coin with a note attached saying Thank you for helping out another class to ensure the room was ready and other items covered for the first weeks of school.
Coin Number: 70654   View Coin History

I received the coin with a note that said “thank you for always helping me in the workroom.”
Coin Number: 70654   View Coin History

I received this coin as a thank you for keeping busy ordering supplies.
Coin Number: 70654   View Coin History

My principal left this on my desk for thinking of her each morning and bringing her a soft drink.
Coin Number: 70653   View Coin History

I received this coin from my Principal thanking me for everything I do and setting the teachers up for success.
Coin Number: 521   View Coin History

At restaurant celebrating birthday.
Coin Number: 70657   View Coin History

I made a special delivery to Kennedy at Texas State over the weekend.
Coin Number: 70659   View Coin History

I got lunch for my principal.
Coin Number: 70582   View Coin History

I was training a new cashier today. She and I both got coins for being so nice.
Coin Number: 70657   View Coin History

Thanks for helping me get Kennedy her stuff this weekend.
Coin Number: 70656   View Coin History

Thanks for being kind! You always approach everything with a smile on your face!
Coin Number: 70655   View Coin History

Thanks for being a team player and always being kind.
Coin Number: 70654   View Coin History

Thanks for always getting me a drink in the morning.
Coin Number: 70653   View Coin History

Thanks for setting our school up for success and making the beginning of the year smooth for the teachers.
Coin Number: 70652   View Coin History

Thanks for helping our teachers be organized with the beginning of the year paperwork! I appreciate all the hard work and extra hours you put in!
Coin Number: 70651   View Coin History

Thanks for sharing your last coke zero with me the other day.
Coin Number: 70660   View Coin History

Thanks for stopping to get me lunch the today!
Coin Number: 70659   View Coin History

Thanks for getting me lunch the other day!
Coin Number: 70658   View Coin History

Thank you for thinking of me at the start of the year with the pumpkin treats from bath and body.
Coin Number: 70684   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: My Kindness Coin number is 70684. I received this Kindness Coin because I was sitting always being kind to others, never in a rush, very patient, and willingness to help.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

I received this coin last Saturday while volunteering at Rotary Park doing trail maintenance.I passed this coin on to a sweet Haitian lady this morning who came to my wife’s yard sale.
Coin Number: 70632   View Coin History

After helping a patient back to bed, the patients family member stopped me and asked if I’d ever been coined… confused, I said no. She handed me this coin and told me thank you for what I do everyday. As the job of a CNA or nurse isn’t an easy one, but it’s well worth it!
Coin Number: 70581   View Coin History

We received this coin at the Rod Stewart/Cyndi Lauper concert. Someone had gifted us front row seats. It was amazing! Then this woman brought an 84 year old birthday girl whose birthday was that day up to stand up front with us so she could see Rod and Cyndi up close. She gave us the coin. They were both breast cancer survivors!!
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