Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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Coin Number: 70283   View Coin History

Awesome customer at post office I work at gave me this coin for being kind to her and having kindness;)
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Somebody handed me this coin and told me to have a nice day.
Coin Number: 10108   View Coin History

I drive for Uber & I picked up a lady from the Social Security office. We talked as I gave her a ride to her destination. She told me about how an elderly gabe her the coin because she helped her out. As she was getting out of my vehicle she said thank you for being kind & encouraged me to pass it on!
Coin Number: 53767   View Coin History

Received this coin from First Presbyterian Church in Guntersville AL
Coin Number: 538   View Coin History

I received the coin from someone that I met for the first time and we became instant friends because we had sooooo much in common.
Coin Number: 540   View Coin History

A passenger gave me the coin for helping and be helpful because she was a nervous flyer.
Coin Number: 13304   View Coin History

I am a front desk agent at a hotel and the guest checked in and appreciated everything i did for her and handed me this coin.
Coin Number: 53766   View Coin History

I received it at lunch today from a fellow Civitan member. I bought me lunch. A great surprise.
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Was riding the bus to the local Social Security office, and an elderly woman wasn’t quite sure where the stop was, so I let her know that I was also going to the office, so I would pull the stop and let her know that we had made it there. That’s just the way I was raised, by the golden rule.
Coin Number: 10054   View Coin History

I purchased it to give away.
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Received this coin from the First Presbyterian Church of Guntersville AL
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Gave this coin to a waitress along with a large tip.
Feb 28, 2018

Greensboro, NC, USA
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Received this coin from a co-worker at her retirement party. She always reminded us that being kind is free and always accepted. Be kind to one another and good things will come your way.
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My friend gave it to me
Coin Number: 12050   View Coin History

My mom gave it to me to pass on….
Coin Number: 12050   View Coin History

I was coined this morning during the United Church service. It was given to me by the minister in charge. I am the volunteer organist in both the United Church & Holy Trinity Anglican Church in our small community of Miniota, Manitoba. I felt very honoured to receive this coin and will move it along.
Coin Number: 10004   View Coin History

I produce trade shows. A new client gave me this coin to thank me for the personalized service I provided.
Coin Number: 12101   View Coin History

My grandma gave it to me
Coin Number: 12101   View Coin History

Guy handed this to me said thank you and pass it on
Coin Number: 14475   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number 14475 Buffalo, New York. To be honest I don’t remember how or where or why I received my Kindness Coin. I’ve had it sitting in the drawer for a couple of years and today is January 27 2018.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

I want to Thank everybody who come out and volunteered their time at our workday. This is our way in giving back to all who stops their day to day schedule and spread Kindness to others.
Coin Number: 101   View Coin History

I ordered these coins to give to volunteers who help Friends of Rotary Park group. I want to give something back to the community that helps us make our park a better place to enjoy. These volunteers come out on their own time and commit kindness for others. This is my way in showing thank you and like to keep the “Kindness” going.
Jan 16, 2018

Madrid, Spain
Coin Number: 13855   View Coin History

Because I’m the best friend ever
Coin Number: 52136   View Coin History

Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number 52136 Guntersville, Alabama 35978. This was my husbands’ coin and he died in 2015. I just wanted to pass that along and see how far his memory can go. Goodbye.
Coin Number: 554   View Coin History

Gift from a friend after we were talking about paying it forward.
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