Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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Karen Ostrowski gave it to me at a retreat and, generous soul that she is, she gave everyone else one too.
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Someone wanted to pass along the kindness coin and randomly picked me and my sister on the sidewalk of the Old Capitol Mall in Iowa City.
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Being helpful to a fellow co-worker when they were being treated unfairly
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Voicemail Transcription: My Kindness Coin number is 70629. I received Kindness Coin when I gave a gentleman at a gas station the dollar he was short for some milk for his family. About four days later I’m in the same situation I was short almost a dollar for a gallon of milk. The guy behind the counter handed me this dollar to pay for it. So this Kindness Coin is going to him for being a generous an upstanding citizen. I live in Vinton, Iowa 52349. Welcome to the Midwest. Thank you, have a nice day.
Jul 15, 2018

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I vas valking in Times Square admiring the shining light and a very attractive man in tank top approach me and say “hello sir, please enjoy this coin.” Then he hand me coin and walk away. I had no clue why that happen. New York crazy place. I put coin in bag and forgot about coin until I reach my homeland of Shoptykol and found coin in bottom of suitcase. It made me smile. A little piece of America that made way to my village. I now will spread kindness to another and keep gift going. Thank you kind New York man.
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Received one from a client while looking at properties for sale!
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Friend at work passed it on to me. He thought I would appreciate it. He was right! 🙂
Coin Number: 70608   View Coin History

I received this coin from a visitor–a friend of a friend.
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I was on the bus. The driver of the bus. Callled me to the front of the bus. So, I went…to the front of the bus. The driver then stated, “I saw you give up your seat to several boarding passengers. So, I feel that you have earned this Kindness Coin. In this moment I thought to myself… “WTF, is a Kindness Coin?” However, I have always respected this driver for her courteous interactions with other passengers. So, I accepted the Coin of Kindness. And plan on giving it to one who shows the same courteousness as both myself and the one who gave it to me. I am grateful, and appreciative of this gift.
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Received at a spirituality retreat
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Voicemail TranscriptionKindness Coin number 51486 Guntersville, Alabama. I was given this Kindness Coin by a 93-year-old lady who gave me cuttings of flowers and plants that she wanted me to take and grow. I plan to pass this Kindness Coin along to someone by volunteering at a nursing home. I will play my ukulele for the residents. Thank you.
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Took care of a customer at my work.
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A gift of love received from a seminary sister, Karen Ostrowski, in honor of our class completing our first year at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Gifted at Stony Point Retreat Center in New York, May 2018.
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The coin jumped out to me in the center of the labyrinth at the Stony Point Center – yes, in Stony Point,New York.
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Fixed a weedeater for a gentleman for free and he gave me a kindness coin
Jun 14, 2018

New York, NY, USA
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I was given this coin by an amazing woman with such a sweet spirit, generous heart and sassy sense of humor. Her mission is to spread kindness and healing to the world and this coin is a representation of exactly that. I received it during the talent show of an interspiritual retreat for first year interfaith ministers in training. Although I’ll be a bit sad to pass it on as it represents something very powerful to me, I’m also happy to send it’s loving power to others!!!.
Coin Number: 70560   View Coin History

A special fellow student share with me at a special event we attended in our Interfaith Interspiritual Seminary
Coin Number: 70506   View Coin History

I received this coin from my generous friend, Karen O. What a wondrous gift!
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Simply helping a gentlemen at the NEX at Naval Base Bangor.
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A student of mine in a Spiritual Counseling training program gave it to me to honor me moving on to a new chapter of my life. This is someone that, from the moment we met, we realized how similar our life path has been. It fostered a sweet connection.
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I received this coin during our OSIS talent show.
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Karen, my fellow Seminarian gave it to me as a gift on completing our first year. She shared so much more than just the coin!
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My (wonderful) mom passed this coin on to me.
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This coin was given to me as a goodwill gesture of love and appreciated from my dear friend Karen.
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I finally met a person I knew from Facebook in the “real world.” She gave me a hug and this Kindness Coin.
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