Recent Acts of “Coin-ness”
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I opened the door for some ladies and held the door at the same store. I also let some ladies go in front of me the pay for their items.
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My transit bus driver the song me shoveling snow in a big ice snowbank and asked me if I got paid I said no and she give me a kindness going which was pretty cooler
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Voicemail Transcription: Coin number 55007. I received this Kindness Coin in Melbourne, Florida at a Hey, Blue! event in the Eau Gallie arts district and I met a really nice police officer.
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Voicemail Transcription: Kindness Coin number is 55082 in Melbourne, Florida. My name is Anthony. I received this Kindness Coin at a Hey, Blue! event. I met a really nice police officer and had my picture taken with him. Thank you!
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I got the Kindness coin from my brother and he works for the Kindness Club.
Mar 20, 2019

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got it from Darlene as a “thank you for not making me go to the winter in Sweden” (we went to Spain instead)
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We started a kindness club and we are doing nice things.
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I received it because I’m in the Kindness Club and we are giving it to people around the world.
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I earned this coin because we started The Kindness Club to help people feel better about coming to school.
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We started a kindness club at my school and we’ve done a ton of nice things like, Operation Candy cane and operation clover.
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I got this coin because I helped start a kindness club at Parker and we have been spreading kindness all around.
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we started the kindness club
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We are the kindness club and we are starting this chain of the kindness coin. The kindness club is a club not help take out bullying in schools.
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A couple other kids and I started a kindness club and we received these to give to the Kindness Kids of The Month.
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In fifth grade at Parker we started a Kindness Club where we spread kindness and do random acts of kindness for random people.
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helped a I little giril that was crying get back to her class
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Being kind to a classmate at school.
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I was given the coin because I helped out a consumer who needed assistance with completing his housing applications. The primary case manager was out sick and the consumer needed help as soon as possible so I helped him.
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Today I volunteered to sit downstairs at the front desk to cover for someone else at my job
Coin Number: 71366   View Coin History

Given to Teresa for volunteering to cover for another staff and always being willing to step in and help.
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Given to Danitra for not only helping a Co-Worker’s Client but going the extra mile and helping him complete paperwork WITH a SMILE.
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Jayden gave me the kindness coin for being nice and kind to him.
Coin Number: 70865   View Coin History

I am a Barista and a customer just gave this to me
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A wonderful patient of mine gave it to me! shes so sweet! it was given to me for my kind service
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I helped my classmate put the hoolahoops away, and then he gave me this coin.
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